Data Source

Model Status Shows the current model status.
Last Timestamp Processed timestamp of the last processed data.
Menu Displays the model main menu.
Close Displayed Tab Closes all open tabs, except for Menu, Variables and Rules.
RT Data Source Real time Data source properties tab.
Server Server containing the database.
Database Database name.
Table Table name.
Username and Password Credentials for the database.
Sleep Betweem Process Sessions Time to wait between the processing of each record.
Max Records per Session The maximum number of records that should be processed for each session of processing raw data.
Do not Import Data Indicates not to import raw data.
Import Only in RUN Status Indicates to import data only when the model is in RUN status.
Import When Data is Ready Indicates to import data only when data is ready.
Data Source Status Status of the raw data connection.
Run History Indicates that the model is running historical records and not online records.
Raw data needs to be pivoted Raw data needed to be pivoted. For clarification go to the section of raw data processing in this website.
Data source station name Name of the raw data station.
Avarage reading time An insication for the avarage time it takes for the EDS system to read each record from the raw data source.
Messages Log messages for the raw data reading process.

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