Field Properties

Field Name The field name is the unique name of the variable.
Field Format This sets the number of digits for the variable’s display.
User Minimum Limit Input the minimum amount for this variable. Persistent values below this threshold will produce an alarm.
User Maximum Limit Input the maximum amount for this variable. Persistent values above this threshold will produce an alarm.
Inteval Size Input the variable’s interval size. This is the resolution at which the detection algorithms work. For example, working with cells of 0.1 for pH will cause the measurement 7.82 and 7.825 to be regarded as the same value – 7.82. For best performance, work with at least 20 intervals within a variable’s user limits.
Operational Variables Users must select either Operational Variable or Density Variable (otherwise, the variable is recorded, but not used). An Operational Variable is a variable indicating an operational change in the monitored node, such as: using a lever or valve, changing water chlorination, performing calibration, etc. Alarms are not triggered in a model if an operational change takes place.
Rounding Factor Select from 0-6 decimal places to round off the variable. Each variable is unique: for variables defined in whole numbers, 0 is appropriate; for variables measured at 4 decimal places, selecting 5 may be more appropriate.
Topology Type Select the variable topology definition for the variable, according to Section
Topology Target The topology target is explained(?) in Section 1.2.
Validation high This defines the valid range of values based on the sensor’s type.
Units Description of the engineering units used to measure the variable.
Validation low This defines the valid range of values based on the sensor’s type.
Significance change significant change is the amount of units which is considered as a significant change of the measurements of these variable.
Variable weight A number in the range of 0-1 which sets the importance of this variable in the process of event detection.
Semantic name The semantic name of this variable in terms of water terminology, a list of semantic names can be found in the drop down filed of this screen.

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