Source File Name Path of Learn source file.
Records Loaded Number of records loaded from the file.
Read Fields Names Only indicates to load only the variables names.
Time Format Sets the format of timestamps in the learn file.
Filter by Dates Indicates that records should be filtered by dates.
Start Date Start date for the raw data records.
End Date End date for the raw data records.
Filter by Rule An indication that records for learning should be filtered by this rule.
Time weight A parameter that sets the weights of all records relatively to new records. when set to 1,records of one year will have half the weight of the last most updated record.
Tail size Quantile of records that should be trimmed from both sides of the distribution. A value of 0.01 is an indication that 1% of records should be trimmed from both sides of distribution.
Loader Messages Messages from the learning process log file.

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