Model Main Screen

Model Status Shows the current model status.
Last Timestamp Processed timestamp of the last processed data.
Menu Displays the model's menu tab.
Variables Displays the model's variables tab.
Rules Displays the model's rules tab.
Rules Violation An indication for violation of rules that were set by the engineer.
Similarity for Known Hazard Event An indication for occurrence of event which is similar to an event that in the past was classified as hazard event.
Probability of abnormal event An indication for occurrence of event with low probability or with abnormal characteristics.
Sensors Problem An indication for violations of regulation limits, statistical limits or rate of change by single parameter.
Event Severity Each event has four levels of severity, none, low, medium, high, according to the characteristics of the event.
Close Displayed Tab Closes all open tabs, except for Menu, Variables and Rules.
Model Log Displays the model log.
Display Non-Validation Only Displays only remarks that are vital for validating the model.

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