Client Tutorials

Tutorial 1:



Tutorial 2:

Client Main Screen

Models Map, Events display, Data display,
Right-click menu...

Tutorial 3:

Model Data

Data selection, Data classification...

Tutorial 4:

Model Current Event

Event details, Event status

Tutorial 5:

Model Historical Events

Events selection, Events classification, Charts connection...

Tutorial 6:

Model Charts

Charts Features, Events display within charts, charts' types...

Tutorial 7:

Model Reports

Report Types, reports generation, Reports filters...

Tutorial 8:

Model Dashboard

Dashboard Features...

Tutorial 9: Server Reports

Generation of server-level reports, reports for specific models, Exporting reports to CSV...

Tutorial 10: Alarms Center and Measurements Center

Alarm Center Features, Measurements Center, Data Classification, Display unclassified records...

Tutorial 11: Spatial Model

Spatial Model functionality, charts, definitions, settings...

Tutorial 13: Spatial Model Charts

Coming soon...

Tutorial 14: Calibration Tools

Statistical Limits calibration, Dynamic Change rare calibration,

Variable fixed value calibration, 

Rate of Change Calibration... 

Tutorial 12: Spatial Model Reports

Reports generation, different types of reports...

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