Server switches

Server runtime engine mode When On, server is running, Off otherwise.
Minimum Severity for emails Sets the minimum severity for sending email alert.
Server import data mode When On, server is importing data. Off if not.
Domestic sensors When On, domestic sensors server is running.
Spatial model When On, Spatial model server is running.
Sent alert emails When On, server is sending emails according to mailing list of each model.
Models sleep time Number of seconds between processing of each raw records.
Set all models timestamp Selects a date; click on the ‘Calendar’ button, to set all models’ timestamps to this date. This can be done for a specific model.
Time master model Enables to set the model which is the time reference for all other models. When such a model is selected, all other models will align their time stamp according to this model.
Currently processing models Enables to set / view how many models are being processed concurrently.
Set max Set the maximum number of processing models.

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